Artist statement

My visual universe is colourful, just as my inner life. I am a dreamer, that often find inspiration in natures magic scenery. Many things, or feelings can start a visual journey for me. It can be the magnificent view of a blooming magnolia tree, poetry, lyrics or just a walk in the forest with my family that triggers an emotion, something that makes me search for a visual connection between myself and the world.

I work in series because it gives me an oppportunity to pursue and explore the same theme from different angels. I search for a specific energy, atmosphere and tactility in each piece. I want to invite you, the viewer into my visual world- one where you can`t be sure what hides behind the many layers. A world where the magic of colours just make my day, and maybe yours too? I experiment on both paper and canvas, and often with mix media techniques like acrylics, charcoal and oil pastels.